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I am Bianca Simone:
a singer, a teacher and a vocal coach

My style

Every day, this approach allows me to:

  • be more motivated and efficient
  • connect with others more quickly
  • have greater confidence in myself
  • resolve conflicts more easily
  • achieve better communication (and a happier life)

My job

I listen to the voices of others and help them flourish:

  • without judgment
  • without anxiety
  • with technique
  • with experience
  • with patience

My promise

Through my programs, you will discover:

  • more potential in your voice
  • more confidence in public speaking
  • more originality in your style
  • more effectiveness in your communication
  • more ease in professional collaboration
  • more balance and self-esteem

Communicate with your voice

Discover the beauty and energy of your voice, explore its fantastic potential, and make it your most reliable and captivating ally in every aspect of your communication.

Express yourself through singing

Singing is beauty, freedom, joy, intensity, and harmony with oneself and with others. What are you waiting for? Sing with me! (…and want to bet you’re not that out of tune after all?)

I offer you an experience

Having a clear idea of what we need is great, but sometimes it’s even more useful to be open to unexpected opportunities. Come and discover how many ways your voice can surprise you!

This calls for nonchalance

This calls for nonchalance

I'm in the President's Gardens in Malta. Almost a year after my move, I still have many new places to discover. One of my new Maltese friends has arranged to meet me here, and I am truly fascinated by the beauty and mystery of this place. I don't know why, but it...

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In front of me is the Maltese sea, but Facebook memories bring back this photo to me.For me, it holds significant meaning for many reasons.The first is that I miss Padua so much, I have to admit, especially when I think of the colours of the Prato in autumn.The second...

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That flame that lights me

That flame that lights me

Today, let me introduce myself.I may seem Venetian, but I was born in Naples, an event of which I am exceptionally proud and proud, and which imposes a sort of "philosophy of belonging" on me, as I certainly do not believe in chance.And I don't believe in the...

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