Team building with The smiling voice

The steps

  1. Analysis of the company’s and/or workgroup’s needs
  2. Feedback, defining objectives and the course structure
  3. Intervention – through in-person meetings – according to a schedule agreed upon with the team’s leaders
  4. Administration of a course evaluation questionnaire
  5. Presentation of questionnaire results and final feedback
  6. Semi-annual follow-up

The contents

Standard course of 6 sessions, 2 hours each:

  • The work environment
  • Being together
  • Communication techniques:
    • Breath and speech
    • The smiling voice
  • Team building
    • The wheel and its spokes
    • You’re not likeable
    • A caress in a fist
    • Harmonies and melodies
    • Coming to get you
    • Suggestions and illusions
    • Working to live, living to work
    • A walk in the park

My guarantee

The program can be interrupted after the second step, with payment only for the analysis and proposal part (350 euros).

The semi-annual follow-up includes a bonus of 2 individual 30-minute sessions or 1 supplementary group session of one hour

More details

The course is conducted in person at the company’s location (an alternative venue is possible, the price is upon request).

The course can be conducted through separate two-hour sessions or in an intensive format over two consecutive days.


The starting cost for company groups with 4 to 10 participants starting from:

1600 euro

For 11 to 20 participants, there is an additional 150 euros per participant.

What they say about me

“Bianca designed a course called “La Voce che Sorride” (Basic and Advanced) specifically for the members of the translators and interpreters association, TradinFo. The course aimed to provide participants (conference interpreters or professionals engaged in language teaching) with theoretical and practical tools for managing breath, studying communicative intent, and adopting good practices to maintain the health of the vocal apparatus. The participants’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive, praising the content delivered, Bianca’s availability, clarity in presentation, and the materials used.”


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