Public speaking

Bianca Simone - La Voce che Sorride - Cantante e Vocal Coach - Padova

What is it?

It’s an intensive 8-hour workshop dedicated to public speaking, covering essential aspects of professional communication.


Who is it useful for?

It’s useful for anyone in a profession that frequently requires public speaking and who experiences difficulty for various reasons (salespeople, lawyers, teachers… there are many professional categories that deal with public speaking on a daily basis).

It’s also recommended for those who already have a good awareness of their expressive abilities and find themselves often needing to speak in public. They may want to acquire fundamental skills to:

  • Manage emotions
  • Have fluent speech
  • Optimize vocal condition
  • Gain confidence and ease

(To attend this course, it’s advisable to have participated in the “Smiling Voice” workshop or the Basic Group Course)

How does it work?

The course takes place in person, intensively over a full day or two half-days.

It’s a particularly challenging and engaging workshop where I will invite you to experiment with theatrical and… musical techniques!
Together, we will discover the beauty of “performing” in front of an audience and practice speaking in front of others, experimenting with techniques and tricks to make your presentations more engaging and effective.
We’ll talk about how to move (or not move) your hands, the tone of voice, the “Angela” posture, tax codes, our favourite songs… and many other little secrets for authentic and successful communication.

Ample time is set aside for questions and in-depth discussions.

What will you achieve?

You will gain a deep awareness of your expressive abilities and learn how to harness your potential to captivate your audience.

You will become part of the “Smiling Voice” community where you can connect with other individuals interested in the realm of verbal communication. Additionally, you’ll receive benefits and discounts on any further purchases you make.

My guarantee

You can share your doubts and seek advice on your journey through my bonuses:

  • a free 45-minute private consultation;
  • a 3-month follow-up after the course.


The workshop will be conducted with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 participants.

A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of the course.


The price per person (including a coffee break) is from:

196 euro

What they say about me

“I had the opportunity to attend a webinar by Bianca aimed at professionals in my field, and I immediately turned to her to improve my relationship with public speaking.
My job involves frequent speaking engagements at conferences, meetings, and various types of gatherings, and the topics I discuss aren’t particularly captivating for the audience: they mainly involve numbers. Additionally, as confident as I am in private, I become awkward and shy as soon as I’m handed a microphone and face more than two people!
But I should say “was,” because this course has been a turning point! We worked together online – in an engaging and even enjoyable manner – on exploring the expressive possibilities of my voice, developing a functional and effective communication attitude, and addressing the fears associated with public speaking. I’ve learned a lot in a short time. Money well spent, and this comes from an accountant.”


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